Songwriting is a musical instrument unto its own. They say you only write your hit song after writing at least 100 songs. This means practice, pushing through the half complete, half finished songs (thanks writers block) and seeing it as a tool to learn. In this 10 week-course of 45minute lessons, we discover a writing process that is most comfortable and familiar to you. What inspires you? Do lyrics come first? Or is it the melody?

This course will introduce you to the tools and techniques you need to write your first song or 100th. If you are looking to write professionally, these lessons are created to challenge you to write within specific briefs and different genres. Continuous one on one practical songwriting sessions are also available, where we work on building your songs together.

Be sure to check out our Music Business course that covers publishing your songs, PRS, royalties and protection over your masters.

Areas that we will cover in your lessons:

  • Chords & Progressions
  • Tempo (BPM) and phrasing
  • Lyrics and melody
  • Song forms within specific genres
  • Song arrangement
  • Dynamics and movement
  • Identifying and breaking down successful songs
  • Creating emotional connections through instrument use and delivery
  • Writers block tips and tricks
  • Writing without an instrument
  • Harmonic Ideas
  • Composing to a brief
  • Publishers, Copyrights and Royalties
  • Recording Opportunities at Dragonfly Studios

“Nicola is a talented, patient, kind, and extremely helpful teacher and an accomplished musician who has helped me in so many ways to improve both my singing and my songwriting. She is very encouraging while keeping you on track to do things correctly as well as develop your own style. I have improved dramatically in both disciplines. I have and will continue to go to Nicola for all my singing and songwriting needs and would not hesitate recommending her to anyone who is looking for a great teacher and experience.”
– Jason M

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