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Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play music, to play with people for others to listen to, that’s something else. That’s a whole other world.’ – Tony Williams

Drums are one of the most exciting instruments to play. From their ancient tribal history to swinging jazz and cymbal-smashing rock, drums are a great creative outlet!

At Native we offer drum lessons for all players from beginners to advanced. We believe it vital to pay close attention to technique and building a firm foundation in the skills that are needed to apply playing the drums to a band or live situation.

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Areas that we will cover in your lessons:

  • Basic Drum Anatomy
  • Stick technique
  • Posture and playing technique
  • Rudiments for Beginner to Advanced
  • Note Values, Time Signatures & Subdivisions
  • Beats, Grooves & Fills
  • Stylistic awareness
  • Drum Notation 
  • Sight Reading
  • How to Play Along to Songs & learn the Drum Parts
  • Time keeping (playing with a metronome)
  • Independence
  • Tuning
  • Drumkit maintenance

Kyle’s strong musical background and technical training really made all the difference to the quality of instruction that he gave to Ethan. He was not just taught how to play the drums, but how to understand the different techniques and genres. He continues to play the drums on a regular basis and often still refers back to the time that he was receiving lessons from Kyle.
– Karen V

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