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At Native we believe everyone has a unique voice and it’s our job to bring out your best potential through healthy techniques and fun filled singing lessons!

We teach all genres and will tailor each lesson to suit your ‘singing goal’, whether that’s just for a Karaoke session or to work towards your dream of playing at Wembley stadium! 

We have witnessed significant changes in our students voices from just one singing lesson. Our lessons are based on the idea that fundamental knowledge will build a foundation of healthy singing and in turn facilitate a growing confidence.

We equip each student with an understanding on how their body works to produce sound, how to control it, sustain it and strengthen it. This is achieved through Diaphragmatic Intercostal Breathing and powerful techniques that will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired!

We believe in the importance of experience, so we have teamed up with Dragonfly Studios and New Music Nights in Reigate to give you the opportunity to record and perform live!

Areas that we will cover in your lessons:

  • Posture & Relaxation techniques
  • Warm up exercises 
  • Vocal exercises 
  • Healthily maintaining your voice & preventing strain
  • Biology of the voice & how it works
  • Diaphragm fitness & correct use 
  • Dynamics through diaphragmatic control
  • Vibrato, belting and other desired effects
  • Interval training, pitching & optimal resonance
  • Increase vocal range without force or pressure
  • Improving strength and tone
  • Articulation, placement & sound production 
  • Confidence 
  • Recording technique & microphone technique
  • Lyric phrasing
  • Aural (ear & pitch training)
  • Stylistic awareness
  • Repertoire development
  • Sight singing (Optional)
  • Multiple genres covered

Nicola is an amazing teacher. I was with her for a year and she helped me gain so much confidence within myself and my singing. She played a huge role in helping me get through my second year of university. I’ve learnt so much from her lessons and I continue to use her vocal techniques today.
– Melanie K

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